The plan of development (POD) proposes a combined phased development of the “Manning Projects” that are located in the Peace River Block of northwestern Alberta, Canada. The lands contain a projected 3+ billion barrels (3d party and internal estimates) of Petroleum Initially in Place (PIIP).

1. First Project (based on timelines to first oil): larger scale: Elkton Erosional Edge

  • 1060 million barrels PIIP (third-party estimate).
  • Recovery of oil in the Elkton Erosional Edge with 50% to 60% recovery rate with Enhanced Oil Recovery Technology (EOR) staged and scalable 5,000 bbl/d to 10,000 bbl/d projects.

2. Second Project – Bluesky / Gething Oil Sands Channel

  • Multiple 5,000 bbl/d to 10,000 bbl/d Bluesky Primary Recovery and EOR Project(s). 410 mm barrels PIIP (third party estimate) internal estimates suggest additional 400 mm barrels PIIP.
  • Development schemes similar to the Baytex, Penn West, Shell, Husky and Murphy of the Seal areas of the Peace River block.
  • With possible enhancements to expand to 60+% recovery EOR technology

3. Third Project: Debolt Erosional Edge

  • Debolt Erosional Edge development with 400 million barrels PIIP (internal estimate).

4. Fourth Project: Down dip Elkton and Debolt

  • Down dip from erosional edge Elkton and Debolt formations.
  • Potential additional 1+ billion barrels PIIP (internal estimate).

**(internal estimates using EOR and CSS techniques of other producers in the Peace River Block).

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