CEC North Star Energy Ltd, Board of Directors, Officers of the Corporation, employees and direct contractors are and will continue to be committed to the following Goals and Objectives:

CEC North Star through its various operations, the company seeks to ensure the Occupational Health and Safety of all persons and communities that may be affected by those operations. As well as to protect the Environment in all such operations.

CEC North Star will endorse and promote Occupational Health, Safety and Environment as a core commitment at all levels of the corporation. This will be accomplished in the operations by vesting responsibility at the appropriate level and making OHS&E a key part of each activity.

Key Goals to be considered for each activity include:

  • Knowledge, Experience and Planning can prevent most accidents
  • Regulatory compliance is a priority
  • Safeguarding the employees, contractors and the communities with whom we have contact is paramount.
  • Safeguarding the environment on a proactive basis, and ensuring any impact where not prevented is mitigated.
  • Continual training for all levels of supervision and employees.
  • Setting standards for all Contractors and monitoring/reporting to those standards
  • Regular review and updating of all policies and procedures

The first objective at the start of each and every day must be that each one and every one of “us” will go home to their families and loved ones with our health and well being.

William S Tighe COO

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