3 billion barrels PIIP (internal and 3rd party estimates) – with over 105 contiguous sections (67,200) multiple targets and zones with multiple development regimes – as compared to other small Oil Sands projects with 5 sections on the edge of one of the major’s opportunities with only one economic model.

Each capable of standing on it’s own with development models reflecting exceptional net backs and returns on investment.

Rail, road, pipelines and associated infrastructure in place, full year-round access, supporting industries in Manning, Peace River and Grand Prairie. Based on review of other projects in the Athabasca and Cold Lake Oil Sands and the Grosmont Carbonates – this is a $100+ million upfront savings for roads, camps, utilities such as power and gas.

initially trucked and rail loaded in Peace River, as project develops, rail loaded in Manning, then as scaled up – taking advantage of North American market conditions with the flexibility of sales to pipeline and rail. Local sales to pipeline and then to refineries in Edmonton.

        Low entry cost – organic growth possible after initial capital to reach commercial stage

        Controlled scalable developments – start with 2500 bbl/d commercial demonstration pilot, grow to 5000 bbl/d with additional wells and little facility additions, add in 5000 bbl/d modules as cash flow and available capital are committed, ultimately growing to multiple 20,000 bbl/d projects over life cycle

        Rail, road, pipelines, and associated infrastructure are in place with full year-round access and support industries 

        Green technology – solvent with low heat input – substantially lower CO2 emissions compared to other projects currently in operations – Similar solvent based projects reporting 85% lower fuel consumption vs SAGD60% lower capital and 30% lower operating costs.

        Management and technical team to make it happen now it’s time to complete the initial stages of the development while costs are low and be ready for commercial operations when oil prices recover above 50 WTI USD.

        First government grant applied for, additional work ongoing for other grants to take the project to commercial pilot operations.

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